Action Family Counseling's Adult Residential Treatment Center - Bakersfield, CA


Action Family Counseling Drug Alcohol Rehab Bakersfield

Some features of the Action Family Counseling's Bakersfield Adult Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center include:

- Therapeutic services geared to each patient’s specific needs.
- Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
- Dynamic Multi-Family Group sessions to accommodate busy work schedules
- Structured, Nurturing, and Safe Residential setting
- Physical Exercise and Excursions including: hiking, basketball, swimming, and regular trips into downtown Santa Clarita for activities with a focus on re-socialization.

Our trained staff of specialists will work with the patient’s addiction and co-occurring disorders with an emphasis on attending NA/AA meetings 7 days a week, with a strong focus on the 12-step model.




In addition, Action Family Counseling's staff specializes in:


- Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment
- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Solution Focused Therapy








With drug and alcohol residential treatment locations in Santa Clarita, Piru, and Bakersfield; Intensive Drug and Alcohol Outpatient in Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Ventura, Pasadena, and Bakersfield, Action Family Counseling is here to help you.

For information regarding admission, intake, and services please call Action Family Counseling at (800) 367-8336.