Action Family Counseling Patient Assessment

Our program at Action Family Counseling provides a comprehensive initial screening assessment, which is conducted to determine whether further assessment or review is needed. We initially screen for alcohol and other drug use, depression, traumatic experiences, anxiety, excessive worries/stress, self-harm, hyperactivity and psychotic symptoms, eating disorders, nutritional health, educational needs, pain and conduct disorders.

Once the initial screen is conducted and comprehensive assessment is then completed on problem areas identified in the initial screening assessment. Following the comprehensive screening interview a thorough psychosocial assessment is then completed to determine the appropriate treatment planning. This is accomplished by collecting all past and present history. Following the psychosocial assessment an integration summary and master problem list is then completed by the patient’s primary case counselor that integrates and summarizes all the information collected on the patient during this process. All patients will meet the assessment and admission criteria for residential chemical dependency and/or mental health.



With drug and alcohol residential treatment locations in Santa Clarita, Piru, and Bakersfield; Intensive Drug and Alcohol Outpatient in Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Ventura, Pasadena, and Bakersfield, Action Family Counseling is here to help you.

For information regarding admission, intake, and services please call Action Family Counseling at (800) 367-8336.